Day Surgery Activities 2009

International Survey on Ambulatory Surgery conducted 2011

2012 +++ Claus Toftgaard +++ Quelle: Ambulatory Surgery 17.3 January 2012 (link)


Every second year a questionnaire is sent to the member countries of the International Association for Ambulatory Surgery (IAAS).The questionnaire asks for the number of ambulatory procedures in relation to inpatient procedures for a basket of 37 index procedures as well as for the total number of surgical procedures.

The procedures are specified by their common names as well as by international coding systems. In addition to the procedure specific data the member organisations are asked to give information on the national health system and the source for the data. The data from 2009 are compared to the former survey from 2009 with data from 2007 and data validity is discussed.

Keywords: Ambulatory Surgery, Surgical activity, basket of procedures, number of surgical procedures, percentage of day surgery.