Australische Ärzte-Organisation fordert Wiedereinführung der Fächer Anatomie und Pathologie in die Mediziner-Ausbildung

Im Original: Submission on Australian Medical Education

2006 +++ Stephen Milgate, Executive Director, Australian Doctors' Fund +++ Quelle:

Executive Summary

(...) There is a rising chorus of concern across the medical profession that not-so-young doctors are being expected to treat patients to the same standards as their predecessors, without exposure to the necessary amount of training in anatomy (dissection of the human body), physiology, biochemistry and pathology (especially post mortem examination).

(...) In particular the disciplines of anatomy and pathology must be re-introduced to undergraduate medical education to ensure safe future medical practice. ...

The Australian Doctors' Fund calls on the Federal Minister for Education, Science and Training to undertake such investigations as is required to assure herself and the Federal Government that Australian medical students are being equipped to adequately meet the clinical needs of the Australian population. An independent national survey of Australian Medical students would be a good starting point. (...)